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You can’t improve what you don’t measure, which is why we’ve
created ShotTracker; the wearable tech that automatically tracks
shot attempts, makes and misses.

Introducing ShotTracker, a wrist sensor, net sensor and an app. ShotTracker is the first piece of affordable, wearable tech for basketball players who want to improve their shooting. ShotTracker automatically tracks shot attempts, makes, and misses. Without getting into all the hardware/software details (though we’d love to get our geek on and talk about BlueTooth Low Energy, sensors, and accelerometer data if you’re really interested!), here’s what you need to know: The net sensor is weather resistant. The wrist sensor weighs less than .4 oz. And, the app works for iPhone and Android.

And, speaking of the app...
To keep practice fun, and to add some extra motivation, the ShotTracker app will include leaderboards and challenges. See how you stack up against your friends and where you rank on the global leaderboard. Or, challenge your buddies to a shooting contest. Because ShotTracker automates tracking makes and misses, you can see who’s really got game ... and who might be stretching the truth.

  • SHOTTRACKER $99.99 Get the ShotTracker
    wrist (sleeve or strap)
    and net sensor
  • FAMILY SHOTTRACKER $200 Get 3 ShotTracker
    wrist (sleeve or strap)
    and 1 net sensor
  • TEAM SHOTTRACKER $1,800 Get 12 ShotTracker
    wrist (sleeve or strap),
    12 net sensor, and
    full access to the
    Coach`s Dashboard App
    (view each player`s workout)
Bruce Ianni is the co-founder and CEO of ShotTracker, as well as the founder and former CEO of Innovadex – a powerful search engine in the Life Science, Chemical and Food and Beverage industries, best described as a “Google for chemists.” The company went global under his leadership and in January 2009, Ianni was awarded Kauffman Foundation’s Pipeline Innovator of the Year. In December 2012, Innovadex had a successful exit and was purchased by strategic buyer, UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Prior to founding and leading Innovadex, he spent eight years with Noveon Specialty Chemicals. Ianni's studies focused on organic chemistry at De Paul University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, plus he holds a B.S. in Business Administration from John Carroll University, where he was a three-year letterman and starter at defensive back for the football team.
Davyeon Ross is the co-founder and COO of ShotTracker. An innovative technology leader and widely recognized entrepreneur, Davyeon has more than 13 years of experience in the technology space. Prior to founding ShotTracker, he founded Digital Sports Ventures and had a successful exit in October 2011. Ross, a native of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, was a four-year letterman for Benedictine College, where he led his basketball team in scoring and the league in field goal percentage. He also earned a B.S. in Computer Science. Davyeon is using his basketball knowledge, technology experience and previous business success to merge the worlds of sports and technology.
FAQ Questions? Checkout some of the most popular questions below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to send us an email.
We expect the first batch of ShotTrackers to ship in Summer 2014. After you pre-order your ShotTracker, we’ll have your email address and will keep you posted as we get a more precise shipping date.
It’s simple. Just place the net through each of the Net Senor guide-arms and secure the velcro strap.
ShotTracker works on all Bluetooth Low Energy enabled iOS devices and select Android devices.
ShotTracker is for everyone from youngsters just discovering the love of the game, student-athletes trying to earn more playing time, aspiring All-Stars, and pick-up gamers who just want to keep their skills sharp.
Yes! The net sensor is weather-resistant.
Yes! ShotTracker can find you on the court, determine the exact location that you are shooting from, and keep track of your shooting statistics.
If you’re a coach or an athletic director, you can purchase enough ShotTracker wrist devices for your whole team. The Coaches Portal allows you to track each player’s progress, statistics, and hours as they work to perfect their shot. Individual players can download the app on their smartphone to track their personal stats. Future versions of ShotTracker will accomodate team practices.
No, you do not need to wear a shooting sleeve. The ShotTracker Wrist Sensor, which is about the size of a quarter and weighs less than an ounce, can also be worn on the wrist via wristband or super-lightweight wrist-strap.
Yes, the Wrist Sensor must be worn on the shooting arm, but it is so light that the shooter cannot even feel it. We are fashion agnostic, so the sensor can be worn with a wristband, wrist-wrap, and full or 1/4 sleeve - your choice.
All you need is one Net Sensor per net and one ball. Each player will wear a Wrist Sensor and their shooting statistics can be tracked via the Coaches Portal App or by each individual player’s mobile device.
We initially set out to design and build ShotTracker to be used for repetitive shooting. And right now, that is it’s primary use case. However, during testing, we found that our algorithms for detecting a shot were strong enough to rule out most false positives generated by scrimmage play, including pump fakes/shot fakes and shot blocks. We are still working on removing false positives from the over-head pass/catch. Once we do that, ShotTracker will be ready for full scrimmage play.
Yes. The Net Sensor works on all types of basketball nets, including chain nets! The Net Sensor is able to be calibrated to accurately detect Shot Makes on a variety of Nets including chain nets!
Yes. Two ShotTrackers, one on each wrist, can be worn simultaneously to detect shots made with the left hand and right hand.
Yes. ShotTracker is not able to detect all under-hand layups at this time, but it is able to detect over-hand law-ups, floater shots, and dunks!
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